Our Process

Curricular Programme Overview:

At Riakidz, our curriculum combines the Montessori and Thematic Integrated Approach to nurture children in five crucial areas: cognitive, emotional, social, linguistic, and physical development. By focusing on building a strong early years foundation, our students are prepared to excel academically, emotionally, and socially in primary school.

Our holistic early childhood education program is designed to develop the whole child, emphasizing guided purposeful play to facilitate subject-themed learning, creativity, and imagination. Through active learning opportunities, children construct their own knowledge, make choices, and communicate their understanding within healthy relationships with peers and adults.

  • Cognitive Development:
    Children engage in subject-themed guided play to enhance focus, memory, and self-awareness, preparing them for preschool tasks with specific goals.
  • Emotional Development:
    We prioritize forming solid emotional skills, teaching children to share, transition smoothly, express themselves, show empathy, and model good behavior.
  • Social Development:
    Through play in small groups, children learn cooperation, turn-taking, and self-esteem, tailored to each child’s temperament.

  • Language Skills:
    Activities expose children to new vocabulary, encouraging expression and sentence formation, preparing them for basic grammatical rules in preschool.

  • Physical Development:
    Children develop gross and fine motor skills, health awareness, and hygiene practices, preparing them for tasks like writing and self-care.

  • Learning Approach:
    Guided play capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity, transitioning gradually to structured learning to prepare them for primary school.

  • Whole-Child Approach:
    Lessons are planned to accommodate diverse learning needs, ensuring each child is appropriately challenged and supported.
What do you get in the end?

Upon completion, Riakidz students possess competencies in cognitive, emotional, social, linguistic, and physical domains, ready for the challenges of primary school.